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Blazcooky - Living For Tripping
In 1997, a band called [b]Inwinter[/b] released their first demo cd. Six dignified punkrock songs were listed on this recording, which realized their first lot of concert dates. Years later, in 2003, the band, which was now called [b]Blazcooky[/b] released their first, self-produced album named [i]Living For Tripping[/i]. As you may have already guessed, this is the cd lying before me at this very moment. After heaving read the impressive history of the band, I anxiously insert the disc into my cd-player� [i]Going South[/i], the first song on the album, is a fast paced oldskool punkrock song. It was good to hear this kind of music again. I have to confess I stopped listening to punkrock a couple of years ago because metal began to take up most of my time. After hearing [i]Going South[/i] and [i]Property[/i] which, like a couple of other songs, features computer altered drums and samples (the band calls it �New Wave� but to me it sounded mostly like drum & bass) and great, rebellious guitarplay with solid leads in between, I am deeply impressed by this enigmatic, exquisit album which is filled with musical diversity. To complete the picture, vocalist Tit Sivers adds his rebellious and sometimes melodic voice to this astonishing album. The production and sound are more than okay and that makes this cd even more attractive. I had a hard time choosing from songs to recommend, so I suggest you listen to the album and make your own choice. All the songs are great. I [i]do[/i] recommend the computer sampled outro, [i]Till I die�[/i], which is a nice diversion from the rest of the cd. The samples and bits of ska (which are featured in [i]Blazcrooked[/i]) are the finishing touch to this fantastic album, which is a must have for the oldskool punkrockfan. Two thumbs up! Line-Up: Tit Sivers: vocals & studio drums Kriss: guitar Le Mo�: bass Fred Dexter: guitar Beu-c: sampler Tracklisting: 1. Going South 2. Problem 3. Enclosed 4. Fucked Up 5. Property 6. Stinky Rock 7. Better Poison 8. Netscape Connection 9. Sofia Island 10. Blazcrooked 11. Till I Die� outro Review by BlackRain
Blazcooky - Living For Tripping
95/1001Details Self Produced
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Blazcooky
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