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Mehida - Blood&Water
Mehida hails from thé European area of metal; Scandinavia. Finland to be more precise. And although most of you may have never heard of the band before (neither had I), the band comprises (ex-)members of several bands that established their names in the bigger metal scenes, varying from Kotipelto to Sonata Arctica to Candlemass. Quite some experience is present one may conclude.
What we have here is a very surprising album that may need a couple of spins to get into. A very strong progressive approach is used as one of the main fundamental elements of the songs, providing the listener with complex rhythms. On the other hand we have the melodic approach, mainly created by the vocal department. Mixed together, you get a very nice combination of (dark) rhythmic outbursts and strong, gentile and melodic passages. The latter sometimes heading over to the ballad-like direction.
To me the album is quite a unique experience. Lately I am starting to like progressive metal more and more but never before I had heard it in combination with melodic/power metal. At first it scared me off a little, but listening without the prejudice of power metal being gay is definitely needed. Also the simplistic beauty of the melodies make the overall result more accessible.
Sometimes some weird noises are added on the disc which I don’t really understand. Like some people are on a birthday party babbling with each other before the actual songs starts. Which is the case in the song ‘Multitude’, a great song by the way since the beginning kicks in really heavy. Almost hardcore-like. But the babbling thing…why?! Small minor though.
Well, if you’re into progressive metal you should consider to check this band out. I know the melodic elements can be a bit of a barrier but please try to be as open-minded as possible and you may very well hear the overwhelming strength of Mehida. I think the band has done a great job and I think we’ll get to hear more of them in the future.     
Mehida - Blood&Water
78/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Monday Sep 3rd, 2007
Progressive Melodic Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Aug 13th, 2007

Tags: #Mehida
Tracklisting 01. Unchanging
02. Wings Of Dove
03. Burning Earth
04. Multitude
05. Stronghold
06. Guilty
07. A Letter From Home
08. Dry Bones
09. Lost Ones
10. Grace
11. Outro-End Of The World
Line up Thomas Vikstr´┐Żm – Vocals
Jani Stefanovic – Guitar
Mikko Harkin – Keys
Jarno Raitio – Bass
Markus Niemispelto – Drums