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Dekapitator - The Storm Before The Calm
I don’t know when exactly, but a long time ago the band Dekapitator released its first album. Now, after the death of Exhumed, Matt Harvey has once again revived the band in order to headbang once again. Here comes, The Storm Before The Calm.
Dekapitator makes traditional thrash metal. You will hear all your Bay Area favourites somewhere on this disc for sure. A lot of Slayer of course, but otherwise it wouldn’t be decent thrash metal. Straightforward, honest thrashing is what The Storm Before The Calm holds, something to please any metalhead over thirty and any fan of thrash metal.
The production is quite nice, although I think that the drums are a bit crappy every now and then. I personally don’t like the sound of the snare drum. But then again the overall sound really resembles that of a random eighties thrash metal band, so who’s complaining. The vocals remind me a lot of Obituary though, which probably makes it even more appealing for most metalheads.
Dekapitator sure isn’t reinventing anything here, but sure shows that eighties thrash isn’t dead yet! Hell, it beats the shit out of self-righteous wannabes like Trivium and such. Indeed, thrash ‘til death!
Dekapitator - The Storm Before The Calm
80/1001Details Relapse
Released on Monday Aug 6th, 2007
Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 14th, 2007

Tags: #Dekapitator
Tracklisting 1. The Storm Before the Calm
2. Toxic Sanctuary
3. Deathstrike Command
4. Run With the Pack
5. The Call to Combat
6. Eye of the Storm
7. Earthscorcher
8. Screams From the Holocaust
9. The Scourging
Line up Matt "Hellfiend" Harvey - Guitars, Vocals
Dan Bulldoze - Bass
"Atomic" Andy Maniac Col - Drums
Jason "Hacksaw" Voorhees - Rhythm Guitars