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Trencher - Lips...............
I learned about Trencher through a sampler record from Southern Records, which had the track ‘Nightmares On Crack St.’ on it. This already scared the shit out of me, and now I get to review their full length entitled Lips……….. Prepare for some noise!
I have no fucking clue how to describe their music. It seems like a noise-rock/grindcore hybrid, but they’ve added a very present organ-like instrument. This combined creates ultra-madness, not suited for approximately 90 percent of all metalheads. I’m not even sure if I hear a guitar at all on this disc. I hear messy grind/noise drums, a heavily crunching bass chaotic screamy grind vocals and that murderous organ. But yes, I fucking like this shit!
Well it has been released for a while though, so most fans of horrible noise probably already have it by now. I for one am glad I have another album I can listen to by myself, because nobody else will like it. I do sincerely want to recommend it to people who like noise-rock as well as grindcore. And you definitely have to like organs. Perhaps the musical kind as well as those organs in your body.
Feel like trying something different? Try Trencher. Fucking enjoy!
Trencher - Lips...............
81/1001Details Southern Records
Released on Monday Aug 21st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 14th, 2007

Tags: #Trencher
Tracklisting 1. Commissioner Of Sewers
2. Hung, Drawn Yet Shorter
3. Nightmares On Crack St.
4. Mouth To Anus
5. All That Blood And No Pain?
6. In Reverence
7. Two Semi’s Don’t Make A Hard-On
8. Lips Like Suicide
9. Chatter Of Slimy Teeth
Line up Pox - ass and tits
L.Monger - skins and bones
M.Shit - teeth and nails