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Protest - Have A Rest, Please
Protest was founded in 1989. At the very beginning the style was something like brutal thrash metal. After several line-up changes this turned into death grind. Have a Rest, Please is the third album from this Slovakian band. If you�re familiar with their previous releases this album would be a surprise. In 2004 Protest still plays death grind. Somewhere in my CD pile I�ve found a cd with various grindcore acts on it. Protest is on this cd to. So first I had to listen some of their old material. When I finished that I was ready to listen to Have a Rest, Please. This cd contains 16 fast grindcore songs over 33 minutes of fun wit fast, brutal and raw songs. According to their old songs this album is a killer. The songs are more raw and intensive. The two guitarists combined some heavy riffs with solos in the songs. The drummer is fast and doing a great job. The two singers in the band combine their strength in some good grunts. Normally a grindcore album gets bored because all the songs are like each other. But on this record they found a good combination of not getting bored. This album rocks. It haves everything in it to become a good album. It�s emotional, brutal, technical and fast. �Ohi Ohi Ach Ka Ka� suprises me by the flute, percussion and some Indian like vocalist who�s sings like he is having a orgasm. My favourite song on this album is definitely �Following the path of wise� and �Lapac Smrti�. If you like grindcore this album should be yours! Tracklist: 1. Dead Illosions 2. I Lay My Feet On The Grass 3. Information Collapse 4. Innapplicable Material 5. Amusing Advisor For Unexperienced Explorers 6. Death Knows No Sundays 7. I Have 7 Flowers 8. S.O.S. 9. Component Which Doesn�t Fit To Any Machine 10. Sit Down, Please 11. Following The Path Of Wise 12. I Ask Myslef Why I Am Here 13. Endless 14. Do You Like To Die? 15. Lapac Smrti 16. Ohi Ohi Ach Ka Ka Line up: Cervo � vocals Hor�r � bass, vocals Pato � guitar Viktor � guitar Rasty - drums
Protest - Have A Rest, Please
88/1001Details Metal Age Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @D.M.A. on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Protest
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