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Yikes - Secrets To Superflipping EP
Get yourself some heroin, some crack, a buttplug, rape drugs, pigeon cadavers and a half-digested mandolin; the debut of Yikes is here! And they’re ready to unveil the Secrets To Superflipping!!!
Okay, that’s a weird intro. But check out the music. It makes me feel like I’m on crack or something. Extremely fuzzy distortions make the face of the band, for guitar as well as for the vocals. It just sounds unhealthy, like music they should be playing at the end of a five day non-stop party. Slow beats, hypnotizing melodies, all fucked up in some way.
This is surely something different, but I wouldn’t know who to recommend it to, other than fans of maybe something like the Butthole Surfers. This EP is even divided into two, one half being recorded in the studio and the other is from a live concert. I can barely tell the difference. If you like noise rock, into its utter extremities, and you use some kind of drugs, check Yikes out. Otherwise don’t even bother, it wouldn’t be worth the scratch on your head about it.
Fuzz/noise/drug/hypno/depressing music with the intention of convincing a person who wants to commit suicide to jump. Yikes is your peek over the edge, care to take a look?
Yikes - Secrets To Superflipping EP
73/1001Details Upset The Rhythm
Released on Wednesday Aug 16th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Aug 16th, 2007

Tags: #Yikes
Tracklisting 01. Poor People
02. The Cars
03. Putrifiers
04. Pink Cigars
05. Troubles
06. Sheets
07. Capes
08. Pots
09. Holy Hand-Shake
Line up John Dwyer - guitar, vocals
Eric Park - guitar
Mike Donovon - drums