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Blitzkrieg - Theatre of the Damned
Blitzkrieg….a band already existing for 27 years which is a feat all by itself! In all those years that they’re around, I only have heard the song ‘Blitzkrieg’ but then the cover-version of Metallica. So, I was curious how the real deal sounded. Do they meet the expectations I had beforehand or do they fail miserably? 

Blitzkrieg still plays a style very reminiscent of the old New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. A style of metal I am not really accustomed with. I grew up with the thrash metal bands of the late eighties and begin nineties, so the heyday of NWOBHM was a bit before my time. Am I sorry that I’ve missed this era of music? 

Well if Blitzkrieg is an example of the music of that era, than I have to say “no”. What they deliver on this album is really weak! The album starts of quite nice with ‘Theatre Of The Damned’. Nice spoken intro and quite a catchy song. Unfortunately this is one of the few decent songs on this album.
When I reached the third song on the album I asked myself if Blitzkrieg was joking around. ‘Devil’s Spawn´ is a song I won’t forget very soon. The song has such lousy lyrics, I couldn’t decide to cry or to laugh. Besides the lyrics, the song is accompanied with easy-to-forget riffs and a voice which doesn’t possess any power or own style.
All other songs consist out of the same ingredients. I have heard these kind of albums too often and I have heard it done better. I expect more of a band that already exists for 27 years! I only recommend this for people who want to own everything of this band or people who are in dire need of a new bear coaster. For all other people I highly advise to leave this album in the discount-shelves of your local CD-store.
Blitzkrieg - Theatre of the Damned
50/1001Details Armageddon Music
Released on Tuesday Aug 14th, 2007
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Sunday Aug 19th, 2007

Tags: #Blitzkrieg
Tracklisting 1. Theatre Of The Damned
2. The Phantom
3. Devil’s Spawn
4. My Life Is My Own
5. Spirit Of The Legend
6. The Passion
7. Into The Light
8. Tortured Souls
9. Together We Are Strong
10. Night Stalker
11. Armageddon (bonus-track)
12. Blitzkrieg (bonus-track)
Line up Brian Ross – Vocals
Ken Johnson – Guitars
Guy Laverick – Guitars
Paul Brewis – Bass
Phil Brewis – Drums