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Wayd - Decadance
Wayd's bio speaks of "technical death metal with jazz influences". This really sparked my attention since Im a fan of bands like Cynic, Atheist and ofcourse Death. Wayd started as a fusion of two other metal bands, and the members wanted to push the borders of their previous bands, trying to write more experimental and better compositions. After a few demos, line-up changes and two LPs, the band recorded 'Decadance' in the summer of 2002. Opener 'Decadence' is a pretty straight-forward death metal song, but 'Sperm, milk & Fate' starts with a great bluesy melodic guitar riff, before growing into a great aggresive track. One of the things that stands out to me is the fact that the vocals are "catchy". Maybe not the right word, but you dont see much death metal bands with vocals that you can remember after you turn off the cd. Wayd has found a good line between agressive death metal, and melodic passages. Because of this the songs keep your attention, and entertain troughout. In the song 'Dust' we find some horns, something you wouldnt expect, but somehow the guys made it work. The first instrumental song on the disc 'Hyperventilation' reminded me of an experimental fusion band, it has a funky feel, and even a saxophone solo to boot. 'Velvet Deserts' surely is one of my favorites on the cd, its a great typical Wayd song, melodic guitarplaying, a great flamenco semi-acoustic bridge, and some very nice guitarsolos. 'Waiting for the Sun' is also a classic. It sounds like a ballad, but with death metal vocals that reminded me of Opeth in a good way. Also a great tempo change with a great guitarmelody. The last track on the cd starts out like a pop-rock songs and evolves into a what I would almost consider "Death-rock" with a good mix of melody, grunts and clean vocals. Very impressive. The production isnt top-notch, but I'm sure that that will improve on a later cd. The band themselves might not have the skill of bands like Cynic and Death, but 'Decadence' is a great experimental death metal cd because it has great, dynamic songs. Wayd's strong points are their will to explore and to do things that are not expected; if they follow the path they are currently on, they will be one of Europe's best progressive death bands. I cannot find anything on this cd that deserves a negative comment. P.S.: Sperm, milk & fate sounds like "Sperm in your Face". thats quite funny.
Wayd - Decadance
90/1001Details Metal Age Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Wayd
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