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Dead Identities - Music For The Waiting Room
Dead Identities is a band that will leave your ears ringing and your head spinning. Because they believe a song isn’t worth playing if it's not loud and fast with a sing-a-long chorus, at least that’s what the biography stated. Well let’s find out if this debut album called Music For The Waiting Room does so.
Starting with ‘Not My Country’, ‘Long Way Out’, ‘Got It Good’ it’s immediately clear what they mean with loud and fast. Straight forward rock ‘n' roll which gives you a big punch in the face and leaves you stunned. Going further with ‘Who’s Louise’, ‘Going Down’ and ‘S.C.A.R.E.D’., Dead Identities hardly gives you the time to catch your breath.
Only one problem remains with this album. Although the songs are very energetic and full of great melodies they just don’t seem to hold my attention for the rest of the album. I don’t know if it has to do with Dead Identities still searching for a style of its own or something else, but the fact is that after 8 or 9 songs I started to get a bit bored. The stupid thing about this part is that the second part of the album contains songs that are just as good as the first part.
In the end there’s nothing wrong with this album and most of the songs are great to listen to, but as a whole the album is a bit too much of the same. I hope Dead Identities will develop a bit more a style of its own so that in the future I will be able to hold my attention for the entire album. On the other hand, if this is the next generation of music for the waiting room, it will make waiting much more comfortable.
Dead Identities - Music For The Waiting Room
70/1001Details Yesterday's Gone Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 28th, 2007
Punk 'N Roll

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Aug 28th, 2007

Tags: #Dead Identities
Tracklisting 1. Not My Country
2. Long Way Out
3. Got It Good
4. Whoís Louise?
5. Going Down
6. S.C.A.R.E.D.
7. Wait Another Day
8. 13 Days
9. Keep It up Girl
10. Wednesday Night
11. Sally Grew up
12. Hanginí Around
13. Itís Only Love
14. The Lucky One
15. Born in The UK
Line up Keef - Guitar Main Vocals
Tobes - Guitar/Vocals
Jimmy - Bass/Vocals
Jym - Drums/Vocals