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After@all - Something/to/show/.
A(nother), from Hungary??
With eight tracks, four from the debut album, and four from the debut single, a nice artwork, this disc gives quite an interesting look. The band exists of five members, including vocals, guitar, keybord, bass and drums. The main motivation was when the band was formed (1996) to create something really new, both musically and mentally. Something which is unusual and timeless.
Well, back in 1996, this kind of music really was new. Nowedays, my first opinion is desrcibed above, �not another Linkin Park ripp-off'. The songs contain some strong metal riffs, alternated with nice melodiously parts. Not a new formula, although the keybords, with a little aspect of some power-metal, give the instrumental part an extra dimension.
No, it is the vocals that sets this band. I have to admit that I had to turn the cd a couple of times running before I could appreciate it. The voice is clean, squeezy, overwhelming and, most important, one with the music. You get the feeling that some strange, rare dude is hiding behind a couple of black boxes with his musicians around him in a grey surrounding. You can only listen (and try to dance somehow) but cannot reach or touch him. And thát is what sets After@all.
Despite the fact that the instruments are subordinate to the vocals, they're pretty cool. Espacially the keybords give the songs a bigger dimension with it's strange, groovy tunes. Imagine a road filled with smoke and some strange back-ground music, which give you an anxious feeling. That's almost the same feeling that the keyboards give you on this cd. Guitar and bass are strong and decide whether to �get into action' or not, with or without distortion.
The songs are all well thought-off. I mean, the band didn't want to make any stupid misstakes by letting in a guitar-riff when not needed, a scream when you wouldn't expected one or some brutal heavy-metal, which wouldn't give a good view about what the band is like. And, that is just about the weakest part of After@all. The cd seems to be a little bit incomplete, with following just one formula, one idea of what music is about. That's what make the songs seem to be all a little bit the same. I still have to listen fifteen minutes to the cd before I can really note a difference.
Please don't get me wrong. This band has great potention to become even as great as (undoubtedly an inspiration) Tool, but the members have to give it a try to get a look behind their own view of making music and get some aspects of other kinds of music as well. With that and the same enthousiasm as on this record, After@all has great potention. Play that cards.

3.Before the storm
7.Dust in......

Line Up:
KjU: vocals
KRiS guitars
SupERatoR keyboards
RaFi bass
ViKtoR drums

Review by Siem
After@all - Something/to/show/.
76/1001Details Periferic Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Monday Apr 25th, 2005

Tags: #After@all
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