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Visceral Bleeding - Absorbing The Disarray
I received this promo from Visceral Bleeding exactly 4 hours before I went driving for Croatia, thus this was my first album that I listened to on the trip. I’m quite familiar with this band from Sweden, as they produce a very loud kind of death metal. I was skeptical at first, because I wasn’t exactly charmed by their previous records, which sounded a bit dull to me. This new album is called Absorbing The Disarray.
The record starts out with some very intense freaking riffs, which do not change during the course of the album. The sound on this album is crystal clear, with no faulting or skittering. This ultimately produced album remembered me of Blood Red Throne, who also have a superb production on their latest album.
People who like their death metal served old school, should stay far away from this album. This record really annihilates nearly everything I had in my mind about freaking and technical albums. I was honestly stunned, which was hard to believe for me after everything I have heard in my life. 

Also noteworthy is that there are 2 video clips on this album from 2 of the songs; 'Rip The Flesh' and 'Disgust The Vile'. I was completely overthrown by the 5th song 'Emulated Sense: Failure', which really sounds like an afterburner on a fighter jet.
I would absolutely recommend this album to every person on this lame planet who are in need of some ear-cleaning. Turn on this album to blast every single piece of debris from your ears, but don’t overdo it, or else you won’t have any eardrums left.
Visceral Bleeding - Absorbing The Disarray
88/1001Details Neurotic Records
Released on Saturday May 5th, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Aug 30th, 2007

Tags: #Visceral Bleeding
Tracklisting 1: Bi-Polar
2: Disgust The Vile
3: Despise Defined
4: Perpetual Torment Commence
5: Emulated Sense: Failure
6: Rip The Flesh
7: Absorbing The Disarray
8: Awakened By Blood
9: Beyond The Realms Of Reason
10: Bring Forth The Bedlam
11: Demise Of The One That Conquered
(12): Video -- Rip The Flesh --
(13): Video -- Disgust The Vile --
Line up Vocals - Martin Pedersen
Guitar - Peter Persson
Guitar - Matin Bermheden
Bass - Calle Lofgren
Drums - Tobias Persson