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Widow - Nightlife
Normally power metal isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I hate those high pitched vocals and the cheesy lyrical content about dragons and wizards! When I saw the cover of the new Widow album, I was afraid that again this was not an album I would like, but strange things occurred….
Widow plays a style of power metal / US-metal which I like and that’s an accomplishment in its own right! Widow mixes the above mentioned styles with some good old Bay Area thrash. A mix that’s done very naturally and results in a diverse set of songs. This diversity in combination with the different vocal styles is something that stands out. The clean vocals sound powerful enough, without using a very high pitch on the vocals. A big plus in my book. The screams are also worth mentioning. They’re not as powerful and gritty as in most thrash metal bands. But that’s not a terrible thing with their music. I even think that really gritty thrash vocals wouldn’t fit on this album.
Lyrical-wise it’s not shocking. I hope that a lot of the lyrics on this album are meant in a humorous way, because I cannot take a band serious with lyrics such in the song ‘Teachers Pet’. They made me laugh the first time I heard them. But if listeners have to take those lyrics serious, than their score drops with ten points…..
All in all Nightlife is a nice album. Not world-shocking but an excellent album when having a party or when you’re stuck in a traffic-jam. The songs easily find their way into your brain. When you have heard the album two times, you can already shout along with the songs. The two covers are also well chosen. They fit extremely well with their own material.
Widow - Nightlife
72/1001Details Cruz Del Sur
Released on Tuesday Aug 28th, 2007
Power Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Sep 4th, 2007

Tags: #Widow
Tracklisting 1. First Born
2. We Will Meet Again
3. Beware The Night
4. Teachers Pet
5. Cult Of Life
6. I�ll Make You A Star
7. At The End
8. Beauty Queen
9. Night Life
10. Ain�t Talking Bout Love (Van Halen cover)
11. I Stole Your Love (Kiss cover)
Line up Chris Bennett � Lead Guitars&Death Vocals
John E. Wooten IV � Guitars&Clean Vocals
Joshua Pantke � Bass&Backing Grind Vocals
Peter Lemieux � Drums&Backing Clean Vocals