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De/vision - Noob
Once in a while we receive a very rare record that, at first sight, not seems to fit in the Metalrage archive. But as Metalrage is still growing everyday, it also becomes interesting for non-metal bands. This time I received the latest record of the German electro duo De/vision.
The first thing that drew my attention was the title, Noob. Now I have to admit that I’ve got a short computer history. Not that I was a die hard gamer or anything. It was more that I was the noob. But hell, Counter Strike ruled and I did shot headshots u n3rd!
But back to earth; De/vision has been among the leading representatives of its genre for almost twenty years now. No surprise that they already have a huge discography. Too bad we haven’t received a De/vision record before. Because I like this stuff!
It immediately reminded me of Depeche Mode. They have the same melancholic relaxing electro songs. Though, as you can hear on the song ‘Life Is Suffering’ De/vision is more influenced by house and dance.  Still Noob contains some tunes that share the same LSD tripping atmosphere that Depeche Mode has on Ultra and Violator. Just listen to ‘What You Deserve’ or ‘See What I See’.
You’ll also hear some pop influences back on Noob. On ‘Deep Blue’ for example, you can hear that they’re also familiar with that genre. Not really weird that I also made the comparison with AFI’s December Underground.
So it’s poppy electro with a dash of Depeche Mode (maybe a bit too much to be honest) and with a bit house and dance influences. Conclusion; De/vision = wOOt!  
De/vision - Noob
75/1001Details Sony / Bmg Import
Released on Friday Aug 24th, 2007

Writer @Maurits on Thursday Sep 6th, 2007

Tags: #De/vision
Tracklisting 1. What You Deserve
2. Obsolete
3. Nine Lives
4. Life Is Suffering
5. Death Of Me
6. Flavour Of The Week
7. Deep Blue
8. Love Will Find A Way (Noob Version)
9. See What I See
10. Living Fast, Dying Young
11. The Far Side Of The Moon
12. What It Feels Like
13. The Enemy Inside
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