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Bloodspoiled - Demo '07
One of the main things that I love about writing for an E-zine is that you can create a platform for young unknown bands. Bloodspoiled from Denmark is such a band. With only two live shows on their name and a 4 track demo they are ready for the big bad evil world called Metal.
After a short intro that consists of some ambient noises that misses the effect to create some atmosphere, Bloodspoiled kicks off with 'Hate Myself'. A great killer riff begins and shortly after the vocals and drums kick in. They are obviously aiming for brutal death metal with short powerful riffs and some tight drum work. The only point is that Bloodspoiled isn’t the only band in that genre.
The production of the demo is quite good if you ask me. Which is always good to hear because it means that the band take themselves and their music serious and are willing to make sacrifices. But then again; that’s probably the only way to get somewhere with your music. I mean nobody ever did get a record deal by playing some chords in his bedroom.
Overall the music of Bloodspoiled is not very special if you compare it with other bands in the same genre. But they do manage to hold my attention throughout the songs and I’m constantly nodding along with these songs. I’m not saying Bloodspoiled is the next big thing in death metal land, what I do say is that I hear a couple of guys that are on the right path. So get your asses out of there and play as many shows as you can get and send me the second demo because you did get me curious.
Bloodspoiled - Demo '07
70/1001Details None
Released on Friday Aug 31st, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Sep 6th, 2007

Tags: #Bloodspoiled
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. Hate Myself
3. Question My Believing
4. My Silent Journey
Line up Micheal Mollerup - Vocals
Ulrik Krogh - Guitar
Peder Basrtholdy - Bass
Lana - Drums