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Heartbreak Engines - One Hour Hero
“No more sadness, no more sorrow! This is the time for; One Hour Heroes!” This statement made by Heartbreak Engines is portrayed perfectly on this catchy poppy happy album. “This is the end of darkness”. I kid you not; this album would make Satan himself acquire a sudden taste for strawberry lollipops while making a shampoo Mohawk in the shower.
This is some good authentic punk rock ‘n’ roll right here. A couple of guitar chords here and there, happy jumpy nod your head drums with some typical eighties punk rock vocals. The slap bass devil (as described in the bio) I, unfortunately, can’t quite discover. I’m sure it’s there though; otherwise they probably wouldn’t have mentioned it... I really dig the guitar sound here! They’re recorded excellent, but also the synergy between Dan and Syd is great, as should be in a punk rock band.
What surprised me most (in a very good way) is the variety on this album, most unlikely for punk rockers. Where there is plenty of room for the good ol’ punk in yo’ face anthems like 'Invisible Wounds' and the title track, 'Heartbreak Engines' also don’t back off when it comes to laidback songs like 'Bad Job Jesus'. It’s all there, on a shiny disc called One Hour Hero.
That is if you want it…We are, after all, There is zero rage on this album! (apart from the cool design on the cover!) It’s all happy punk rock; real “turn up the car stereo, drive on to the sun, sorry I spilled your Cool Aid I’ll get you a new one in a jiffy!” kinda stuff. So; if you’re in a good mood, you’re shampoo Mohawk worked great for ya’ and the sun makes your strawberry lollipop taste even better…Spin that disc and shake yo’ booty like it ain’t no thang!!
However; if someone crapped in your cereal this morning and your dog died because he choked on the solid gold ring you bought your girlfriend, who you found in bed with the milkmen because you got home early after you got fired from the job you f*ckin hated in the first place…Spin that disc and shake yo’ booty as well! Trust me, it will make you happy. And if it doesn’t, well…The Germans have some other, rather depressing music as well.
Heartbreak Engines - One Hour Hero
72/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Monday Sep 17th, 2007
Punk Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Sep 9th, 2007

Tags: #Heartbreak Engines
Tracklisting 1. One Hour Hero
2. Love`s A Dagger
3. Black Gold Rebel
4. Give It Up
5. God`s Black Day
6. Invisible Wounds
7. Morning Star
8. Bad Job Jesus
9. Mountain Of Madness
10. Not My War
11. Gunwitch (Special Guest on Vocals: Sparky / DEMENTED ARE GO)
Line up Grischa - Double bass
ROCCO - Drums
Lou - Vocals
Dan - Rythym guitar
Syd - Lead&Rythym guitar