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Ninevolt - Ninevolt
Pretty high on some good old fashioned Dutch vegetables  and after taking a couple of beers to lubricate my throat, the second band of the evening enters the stage; Ninevolt. When I saw Ninevolt for the first time, they were in the middle of the recording process and left me eager to find out when the hell they were done! Well..they are! I give you; the self titled kick ass debut by one the hardest rocking bands to have come from the Netherlands in a long while!
With a drummer who lays the tracks as the rail workers did in the old days, Ninevolt keeps on truckin’ for fourteen songs. The good foundation laid by the drums, give the guitars the space they need to shine with some in your face riffs, defining the sound that makes this band stand out. This album thanks its amazing drive to these riffs, but also to the great bass player. This guy knows when to excel, as well as when to hold back for the greater good. The vocals also contribute greatly to the signature sound of this band. Mike Patton and Brandon Boyd will definitely shake hands with Ninevolt singer Sven van Hees.
The album starts off with the first single 'Psycho Cowboy'; a song setting the tone for the largest part of the album. After the driven rock song 'Got To Try', the foot comes off the gas a little for the more subtle 'See My Eyes Go Blind'. Only to stomp on the gas again with 'Troubled Ride'. The album reaches its highlight at the end with the best song on the album, 'Paralysed'. The guitar track on this song is just plain mean!
After listening to the album for a while (it’s one of the most listened to albums on my I-pod) I can honestly say that I don’t get bored with this band at all. All songs are well arranged and well mixed. Every time I listen to this album I hear new stuff in the background and appreciate Sven’s voice even more. This is the best newcomer I have heard in a long time! 

Don’t worry when you’ve raced through the album, we’re definitely going to hear a lot more from these guys!
Ninevolt - Ninevolt
94/1001Details Squash Records
Released on Thursday May 24th, 2007
Hard Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Sep 9th, 2007

Tags: #Ninevolt
Tracklisting 1. Psycho Cowboy
2. What?
3. Hate
4. COme undone
5. Almost
6. Got to try
7. See my eyes go blind
8. Troubled ride
9. She's gone
10. Enjoy the ride
11. Paralysed
12. F.X.
13. In the clear
14. Wreck it all
Line up Sven-vocals/guitars