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Ahma - Slothful & Vile
Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, rock/metal band Ahma brings you its debut EP Slothful & Vile. I had never heard of this band before but I guess Iím not the only one. These guys claim to play simple and loud rock music but itís very well possible to also find 80ís and 90ís thrashing influences, alongside 70ís hardcore influences. And why not add some prog to the mix as well? Yep, Ahma is quite a hodgepodge.
First of all I gotta say that I like the artwork. Itís got a metal touch to it yet it doesnít really say anything about the music itself. Itís not that shockingly beautiful at all but then again, the music on this disc isnít either.
The music then. As I said in the intro Ahma plays simple rock songs, I mean really simplistic rock songs, with hints of hardcore and thrash riffs. The vocals are generally raw and unpolished but in a good way. Kinda like rock Ďní roll vocals. Thereís time for some slower moments in the songs as well, for example in ĎHuman Torchesí, but generally the music consists of heavy rock.
If you take the entire product in consideration there really isnít something special about Slothful & Vile, but for some reason, it still is a very nice EP. I guess itís exactly those simplistic songs with the right dose of heaviness in them, which makes that the listener can easily identify with this music. No matter the musical preferences.
Well if youíre in for some easily digestible rock songs with a metallic twist I think Ahma is just the thing for you. Itís nothing special, but itís very entertaining. Just give it a shot!  
Ahma - Slothful & Vile
No ScoreDetails Rusto-Osiris
Released on Saturday Sep 1st, 2007
Metallic Rock

Writer @Boek on Monday Sep 10th, 2007

Tags: #Ahma
Tracklisting 1. Serpent Tongue
2. Knockout In 1st
3. Human Torches
4. Dyed Red
5. Malthusian
Line up Janne LŲnnqvist Ė Vocals
Tuomas Vuento Ė Guitar, Vocals
Aki Heikinheimo Ė Bass
Santeri Peinimški Ė Drums

Guest musicians:
Anna Pienimški Ė Vocals
Tuomas Tunturituuli Ė Screams, Growls
David Aurora Ė Monologue