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Indyus - Demonstration
Indyus was founded in the year 2004 in Innsbruck, Austria. After having played concerts on a regular basis for almost three years they hit the studio for the first time in spring 2007. The result is a three-track demo CD, appropriately called Demonstration.
When a band calls itself a hardcore-death metal band, you still don�t have a real good idea of what to expect. Is it hardcore with some death metal twists? Is it the other way around? Or is it something completely different? Well, after listening to this disc a couple of times I think it�s fair to say that Indyus has found a nice balance between hardcore and death metal. Especially vocalist Matthias Mayr knows how to handle both genres, combining his typically hardcore vocals with typically death metal growls.
As for the music, it tends to approach the metal side more than it approaches the hardcore elements in music. It has the tempos of hardcore, with the musical aspects of death and thrash metal. Quite a nice combination if it wasn�t for the length of the songs. I would suggest to the band to keep the songs a little shorter to keep them interesting and more in-your-face. Like hardcore is supposed to be in my opinion.
All in all Demonstration certainly ain�t a bad start for this band. Not that the production quality is topnotch, but that�s something that will come within the years I guess. If this band can keep its songs a little more interesting (by shortening them?) next time, it�ll certainly please a good amount of people out there.
If you�re already stoked to hear them, they�re touring Europe as we speak! Check out their website for exact dates.
Indyus - Demonstration
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Released on Saturday Sep 1st, 2007
Hardcore / Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Sep 11th, 2007

Tags: #Indyus
Tracklisting 1. Welcome To Depravity
2. Double Standards
3. Legalize Life
Line up Matthias Mayr � Vocals, Guitar
David Furtschegger � Guitar
Jakob Innauer � Bass
Klemens Mayr � Drums