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Incendiant - Incendiant
The American band Incendiant started out as a death metal band in the year 2002. When the line-up was completed in 2006, recordings began for what is now their self-titled debut, released by the Jordanian label Jordan River Entertainment.
What you hear on this record is a mediocre death metal band, with mediocre riffs and mediocre vocals. Don�t expect originality or �the next big thing�. There are a couple of good riffs, and there are a lot of mediocre riffs. I can�t say that it gets really bad somewhere along the record, but it never gives me an overwhelming feeling.
One of the main causes for this is the production, and especially the production of the drums. The drums are mixed in the forefront of the band�s sound, making it hard to hear the riffs, thus making it hard to follow the songs. The drums don�t only sound too loud, they also sound messy, making it even more weird that they put them in the forefront. Another problem is that the drums don�t sound tight, especially in the double bass region. But I�m not entirely sure of this statement, because it could also be due to messy production that it just doesn�t sound tight. And dude, what a hideous snare for this type of death metal.
Considering it�s the debut album of Incendiant I still have to say they did a pretty good job. Especially in the riffing department of the band I can hear some talent. And if I�m honest I have to say that the guitar sound is quite alright. The drums and the monotonous grunts just spoil it for me. This band is far from success yet, but I would like to see what they do in a couple of years.
Incendiant - Incendiant
62/1001Details Jordan River Entertainment
Released on Sunday Jul 15th, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Sep 12th, 2007

Tags: #Incendiant
Tracklisting 1. Night Of A Thousand Knives
2. Colliding Stars
3. Forever Echoing In Greed
4. Collapse Of The Light
5. Broken And Bowing
6. Ancient Chaos
7. Invoking The Flames
Line up Alejandro - guitars/vocals
Walid - guitars
Matt - bass
Clif - drums