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Broilers - Vanitas
Spass! 15 years on stage, and not even thirty-something years old! Very toll, if you'd ask me. Broilers have been making punkrock ever since Andi und Sammi were twelve, and that was back in 1992. And what's more: these D�sseldorfer d�dchen make a refreshing combination of rock, punk, reggae and Oi! with the suprising addition of a piano.
Something that works out as quite a treat. Especially the usage of keyboard/piano/organ makes for a cool sound of their own. Throughout the album the band leaps from one rock genre to another but the klavier keeps on returning in some shape or form, giving the band a definite identity.
The one thing that I can't tell you is what the fuck singer Sammy is trying to tell us on this record. My knowledge of the German language is second to none.
All in all Vanitas is an uplifting and sometimes surprising album. Definitely worth listing to if you're a punk.
Broilers - Vanitas
75/1001Details People Like You
Released on Monday Sep 17th, 2007

Writer @Lex on Monday Sep 17th, 2007

Tags: #Broilers
Tracklisting 1 Preludid: Vanitas
2 Zuruck Zum Beton
3 Meine Sache
4 Held in Unserer Mitte
5 Vanitas
6 Ruby Light&Dark
7 Alles Was ich Tat
8 Das Verdikt, Rache
9 Lost Soul
10 Punkrock Love Song
11 Werdet Ich Folgen
12 Heute Schon Gelebt
13 Weisst du es Schon
14 Sicherheit
15 Wir Gehen Schonmal Vor
16 Hexenjagd
17 Sch�nheit, Das Biest
18 Weisses Licht
19 Halt den Sommer Fest
Line up Chris: Organ&Piano
Ronald: Guitar
Ines: Bass
Andi: Drums
Sammy: Vocals&guitar