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Steve Cone - Distortion
Don't get me wrong. I'm really happy for Steve Cone that he has his own recording facilities. I feel enjoyed for him for the fact he has a shitload of cool guitars in his undoubtably carpet-plastered room. I praise him for his pride of having a "drunkyard's post-cappuchino goatee". Don't get me wrong. Steve Cone is probably a nice guy.
I just don't really care for his boring 80's style rock clich´┐Ż records. That sound just a bit too much like Steve Cone, and I never heard of the dude before this cd hit my doormat. An entire cd crammed with these goddamn boring songs, that might sound cool and professional but have as little personality as Wolter Kroes. And face it, Wolter's just a professional like Steve. Steady, a pro but so goddamn annoying.
All in all Steve has a hobby. And I am happy he does. Sometimes I wish I had hobbies like Steve. But I already have my own. Like pottery. The nuance is that I'd never try to sell my pots, since they're imitations and quite boring. When put out on the market place the common reaction would be: 'no that's a bunch of annoying pots. I'd never buy that, however it's good to see this boy has a hobby.'
Steve Cone - Distortion
50/1001Details Steve Cone
Released on Monday Sep 17th, 2007
Steve Cone

Writer @Lex on Monday Sep 17th, 2007

Tags: #Steve Cone
Tracklisting 1. The Gambler
2. Tastes so Good to Me
3. The Chosen Ones
4. Life Blood
5. Hangin'By a Thread
6. Alive
7. Sixty Nine
8. I Have the Right
9. Burning
10. Understand
11. Insane
12. Locked and Loaded
13. Distortion
14. Wrecking Ball
Line up Vocals: Steve Cone
Bass: Steve Cone
Guitar: Steve Cone
Drums: Steve Cone
Production: Steve Cone
Recording: Steve Cone
Financed by: Steve Cone
Photoshop album cover: Steve Cone
Goatee: Steve Cone
Steve Cone: Steve Cone