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ChthoniC - Relentless Recurrence
The next album was very difficult for me to review. This band has an incomprehensive name (ChthoniC) and are from Taiwan. The heritage is kind of weird for a black metal band, but for everything in this life there is always a first time. I was very surprised when I learned that this band existed for over 10 years already. Well, Asian black metal it is then, hell why not? By the way, the record is called Relentless Recurrence and this record originally was their demo, but was only available in Taiwan. Let�s introduce the world to ChthoniC.
There is a lot of information in the biography, but that is something I do not care for. The music is what interests me. The first band that I recognized when I played the record was Cradle of Filth, and not that new crap either, but the old school CoF. I am very positive about the sound and production, which are both very decent. The only thing is that I�m kind of forced to use the name CoF too much for this album, so originality is something that doesn�t apply to this band.
This is what I said after the first song! The rest of the album is way more experimental, with riffs that can be very eerie, but also kick your butt. I was clearly wrong about my previous statement about originality, because this band even blasts CoF back to their diapers. Okay, that is not very difficult with CoF (Yes I�m going to anger some fanatics with this, but hey baby, that is called freedom of speech), especially with their newer work, which in my humble opinion sucks big time.  
Finally, I have heard a band that sounds like their copying CoF, but actually manage to make interesting music. I�m sure people know the band Hecate Enthroned, who tried the same thing, but failed rather miserably. I�m not saying that this band is the big top of the bill, but hey, I can listen to it.
ChthoniC - Relentless Recurrence
70/1001Details SPV Records
Released on Tuesday Jan 1st, 2002
Black Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Sep 20th, 2007

Tags: #ChthoniC
Tracklisting 1: Nemesis
2: Onset Of Tragedy
3: Obituary Tuning
4: Grievance, Acheron Poem
5: Revert To Mortal Territory
6: Funest Demon Born
7: Vengeance Arise
8: Slaughter In Tri-Territory
9: Grab The Soul To Hell
10: Relentless Recurrence
Line up In 2002:

Vocals&Oriental Violin - Freddy
Guitar - Jesse
Bass - Doris
Keys/Piano - Vivien
Drums - A-Jay