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Blood Stain Child - Mozaiq

Blood Stain Child from the land of the rising sun has come up with their fourth album called Mozaiq. With a mixture of trance, electro and melodic death metal they are ready to conquer the world. Well start with translating your own site into English, that makes it a lot easier for the music critics to do some background research. So thank god for Wikipedia and the fan that put their information on this site.

The first song on the album 'Exotic Cordinator' isn't exactly the song that moves me to listen to the rest of the album. A rather un-inspirational trance intro that is followed by the typical Children Of Bodom style. After this it's more of In Flames and even some Prodigy that I hear.
The only problem that I have with this album is that it doesn't affect me in any way. Most of the time I get the feeling Blood Stain Child has listened too good to the bands that are mentioned before and writes their songs exactly the same way. It doesn't mean this album sucks completely, it's just that most of the songs can't grab my attention. Especially  'Pitch Black Room'  with the hideous vocoder vocals. You know, like Cher did in her song 'Believe'.
Considering the popularity of another band that mixes trance music with metal could be an advance for Blood Stain Child, but to be honest I think it's an album that lacks inspiration and is more of a way to gain simple success rather than make music that comes from the heart. Most of the time Mozaiq can't get a face of its own. Let's put it this way, if you like an In Flames with the annoying beats of your little brothers trance albums, Blood Stain Child is the band for you.
Blood Stain Child - Mozaiq
60/1001Details M&I Company
Released on Tuesday Jul 24th, 2007
Trance Metal

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Sep 20th, 2007

Tags: #Blood Stain Child
Tracklisting 1. Exotic - 6 - Cordinator
2. Cyber Green
3. Freedom
4. Energy Blast
5. Pitch Black Room
6. Another Dimension
7. Metropolice
8. C.E.0079
9. Innocence
10. Peacemaker
11. Neo-Gothic-Romance
12. Cosmic Highway (bonustrack)
Line up Sadew - Humanoise
G.S.R - 6-st mcs
Ryo - 6-st sp& iv
Violator - Battery
Aki - Technology
Ryu - 6-st es&sv