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Nodes Of Ranvier - Defined By Struggle
Nodes Of Ranvier started 7 years ago as an outlet for several musicians to create heavy music. Along the way the plans became more serious and Facedown Records came knocking on their door. With more than 30,000 copies sold they made the transfer to Victory Records where they�ve just released their latest album called Defined By Struggle.
With 3 new bandmembers it�s pretty obvious the musical course of the band has changed a bit in comparison with their previous albums. There�s still a great variety of thrash and death metal riffs combined with a great groove but there�s more. The addition of some hardcore influences makes the album just a bit more brutal which makes the comparison with Darkest Hour even clearer.
The aggressiveness and brutality that comes from the album is one that you don�t see very often these days. Okay they did turn in on variety but the aggressiveness compensates that more than ever. The great production of Mike Dresch, who also produced the other albums of Nodes Of Ranvier, is marvelous. A brutal sound where every instrument gets just enough attention not to drown.
I do admit that they look a lot like Darkest Hour and Lamb Of God and indeed Nodes Of Ranvier should have more a face of its own. This is also the main point why I can�t give a score above 75. It�s a great album but it sometimes looks too much like the sound of those bands. On the other hand, if Nodes Of Ranvier manage to create an album like this it could be an interesting band to remember for a while.
Nodes Of Ranvier - Defined By Struggle
72/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 24th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Friday Sep 21st, 2007

Tags: #Nodes Of Ranvier
Tracklisting 1. Sermon
2. Valjean
3. Endless Faith
4. Purpose in Pain
5. Wrathbearer
6. Defined by Struggle
7. Archegos
8. Sergeant Sorrow
9. Nagheenanajar
10. Confront
11. Infidelity
Line up Kyle Benecke - Vocals
Jon Parker - Guitar
Jake Stefek - Guitar
Brady Murphy - Bass
Josh Ferrie - Drums