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1000 Scars - New Rebellion
1000 Scars is a hardcore outfit from the UK. On their new album the band played as a three-piece but as far as I could get during my internet research, only vocalist/guitarist Craig Newman (a.k.a. Newman666) and female bassist Chezscar remained in the band. So what we have here is a two-piece hardcore band that is dedicated to bring out a message to the world. “Keep true to what you believe in and have confidence in the path that you alone have decided on. A new rebellion is coming – don’t let the spineless grind you down.”
First of all the artwork isn’t to be called very nice. Which is an understatement ‘cause I really don’t like it. Besides its doubtful quality, it also doesn’t really breathe a hardcore vibe if you’d ask me. When I first saw the cover I though 1000 Scars would be some kind of black metal band or something. And with exactly that prejudice I started listening to New Rebellion.
So, what a nice surprise it was to find myself proven wrong about this band. ‘Cause what this band brings us is a nice hardcore album. Eight (not counting the intro and outro) strong songs blast through your speakers within a mere 25 minutes, but, as is often the case when I listen to a hardcore album, this time it doesn’t really bore me after a while. Of course you will always keep somewhat of the same sound on the album but overall I think this band succeeded quite well in creating enough diversity between the different songs. A thing that keeps the listener interested quite easily.
The production and artwork might be points of consideration for their next album, but as for the music you can expect some pounding hardcore that will definitely do you some good while nodding along or while practicing your kung-fu moves for the next circle pit you’re about to enter. Rebels, join the new rebellion!
1000 Scars - New Rebellion
73/1001Details Liability Records
Released on Saturday Sep 1st, 2007

Writer @Boek on Monday Sep 24th, 2007

Tags: #1000 Scars
Tracklisting 01. Rise
02. Rebirth
03. New Rebellion
04. Mind Damnation
05. Rejects
06. Spineless
07. My Prayer
08. C.H.D.
09. Can I Speak Now?
10. Remain
Line up Newman666 – Vocals, Guitar
Chezscar – Bass
Matt Mayhem – Drums