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Black Funeral - Waters Of Weeping
Sounding evil, sinister, arcane is, or should be the most important thing about black metal. Otherwise it wouldn't be 'black'. Mostly black metal bands that bring out albums with a low budget production produce the typical sinister feeling, which is adored by many black metal fans. Non black metal fans would describe it as thrash. This formula is not just used by bands that have no budget but also by better known bands, with way more money.
Black Funeral also uses this typical cold sound and it fits their music perfectly. It al begins with 'Intro - Qemetiel Belia'al', which is the first song of 'The Angel of Poison and Death Smal 131'. The music is as mysteriously as the song title, very dark and threatening. With the second song the 'real' music begins. The cold riffs on heavy blastbeats together with some distorted vocals result in some evil black metal. This is black metal as pure it can get. A little minus are the programmed blastbeats, they sound too unnatural, more like a machine gun. After a while the song turns into a slow demonic mass-like song, which makes the song even darker. 

It's a pity that 'Gamaliel The Obscene'  has a duration of just 2:46 minutes. That is way too short. I really love this song, with its Satyricon-like riffs. What I like about this album is the variety, otherwise it would get boring. For instance' Harab Serapel, The Ravens Of Death' is totally different than most blastbeat-based songs. It is a part of 'The Woman of Whoredom Ashth Zavaim 1224' . It is a slow mid-tempo song with a very pumping beat and very low tuned guitars, or just some distorted bass guitars, mixed with some nice effects. The next song, which is in the same part, is even more mystical. Then the sickness continues with the part 'The Beast Chiva 25'. More songs about summoning demons packed in cold riffs and slow beats.
It has been a while I've heard some serious sick (in a good way) music, and I can assure you, this album is sick. So if you are into some very sinster black metal, this album is waiting for you in your local record store (If you order it that is, I doubt whether any shop would have this one in stock.)
Black Funeral - Waters Of Weeping
Released on Tuesday Jul 10th, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Sep 24th, 2007

Tags: #Black Funeral
Tracklisting Part I : The Angel of Poison and Death Smal 131
3.Gamaliel The Obscene
4.Shaarimrath, The Eighth Hell

Part II: The Women of Whoredom Ashth Zavaim 1424
5.Harab Serapel, The Ravens Of Death
6.Lord Of The Dead
7.One Adorned In Fire, The

Part III : The Beast Chiva 25
8.Devourers Of Spirit
9.Hell Of Sathariel
10.Loathsome Serpents
11.Thaumiel The Deepest Hell
Line up Akhtya Nachttoter -Apocalyptic Soundscapes, machinery, vocals, human skull drum and kangling
Sheikh Abd'ajjal -Guitar, Bass and programming