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Gory Blister - Art Bleeds
Gory Blister started out in 1991 with a 3 member line-up. Today there is only 1 of that original line-up left. They�ve released 2 demos, which sounded that good that Gory Blister went up front in the local Death Metal scene in Italy. A MCD followed and shows were given. In 2001 they�ve released their first full length in own production. Sekhmet Records from France was interested in this band and reissued this album Art Bleeds and this reissue is what we�re going to review today. When the first tunes come out of my speaker I was instantly reminded to Death. The guitar riddles, the bass, the drums and especially the vocals. When I listened to it long enough it was just like Chuck Schuldiner was screaming and growling instead of Adry. The songs all have a nice taint over them which makes the music innovative and original, just like Death used to do. A song like Mermaids Beloved takes you to a higher level and keeps you there, instead of dropping you like some bands. In the biography they�ve named bands like Kreator, Coroner and Morbid Angel. I only recognized Kreator sometimes, but the main influence seems Death to me. A song that caught my interest is Snowfall, for its eerie riffs and nice tempo changes. Well, if you take a nice dose of Death, mix it a little bit with older Kreator, and then you get the music Gory Blister is producing. I enjoyed every song on this album. It was since ages that I heard such innovative and original music and that for a death metal band. If Chuck was alive this very day, he would have praised Gory Blister for their music. I can�t say anything else about this album. It�s an album of high quality and you should go to the shop to buy this thing. You won�t be disappointed. Track List: 1: Primordial Scenery 2: As Blood Moves 3: Art Bleeds 4: Mermaids Beloved 5: Anticlimax 6: Cognitive Sinergy 7: Snowfall 8: A Gout From The Scar 9: Comet� And Her Trail Of Spiritual Dust Line-Up: Vocals � Adry Guitars � Raff Bass � Fredrick Drums - Joe
Gory Blister - Art Bleeds
88/1001Details Sekhmet Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Gory Blister
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