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R:I:P - ...Out To R:I:P All Nations
R:I:P stands for Raw Intense Power, and trust me, they�re not lying! Is it Raw? Check! Is it Intense? Absolutely! Does it also include Power? Yes sir! Thunder blazed out of my speakers, when firing this here album up!! R:I:P knows how to make a lot, I repeat, a lot of noise, without losing any focus on melody, or approachability.
R:I:P is supposedly built around guitarist Bj�rn Daigger and bass player Birgit �llbrunner. I didn�t really jump out off my seat when hearing the bass here. I hit the ceiling when hearing the guitars!! Man, this guy knows his stuff. Riffs, licks, solos�Bj�rn doesn�t really care, he aces them all!! The drum tracks laid by Chris are made of thunder, topped off with a little lightning and machine gunfire. This man did not have a hard time finding the double bass pedals. Like I previously stated, I don�t mind anger and some screaming vocals, especially when it�s balanced as done by Fabz. When I�m almost bored with him screaming and shouting, he throws in some nice vocals. 

Now I�m not a fan of keyboards�To be honest; I think all keyboards should come on the next NASA mission and be left behind in space. �Houston, we ditched a problem�. However, I must say Sven knows when to hold back. And since he is doing that most of the time, thus just covering the background, it�s actually quite good!
In the end all I can say: �I like! I like!!� If you like melodic metal, double bass and don�t mind a guitar player at a level you�ll probably never reach, go get this album!
R:I:P - ...Out To R:I:P All Nations
82/1001Details Twilight Zone Records
Released on Friday Sep 28th, 2007
Thrash/Power Metal

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Sep 24th, 2007

Tags: #R:I:P
Tracklisting 1. W.A.N.T.E.D.(dead or alive!??)
2. Crushing the lies
3. Bittersweet pain
4. Fade away
5. The cold place
6. Craving for unity
7. From the remains
8. Crawling through broken glass
9. Sucking life
10.Blink of an eye
Line up Chris - Drums
Fabz - Vocals
Birgit - Bass
Sven - Keyboard
Bjorn - Guitar