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Long Distance Calling - Satellite Bay
It was about a week ago that my MySpace profile again got bombed with Ďspamí. This time it was from a band named Long Distance Calling. The message was about the release of their debut Satellite Bay. Funny thing is that I just received this record a few days before to review for Metalrage. So here we go!
First of all, Long Distance Calling is an instrumental band. So itís probably not a total surprise when I say that they make progressive post-rock. Think of Oceansize and If These Trees Could Talk. Though Oceansize is way more progressive than Long Distance Calling.
This band likes to keep it simple. So donít expect a circus of weird rhythms and futuristic guitar parts. Picture a flawless jam session recorded and you got Satellite Bay. Itís almost like stoner music. Songs are build up very slow and then brought to a climax. Listen to ĎBuilt Without Handsí where the climax kicks in after a short 7 minutes.
Themes get repeated a lot which makes the music sort of spacey. Still they keep building the songs up with these small details and accents. Thatís why it doesnít get boring or long-winded.
The only thing that bothers me a bit is the production. For a progressive band they sound very sketchy. Especially with this kind of music Iíd prefer a defined sound. Thereís some wicked drumming on this record but the sound is unfortunately quite muffled and messy. Still Long Distance Calling makes me want to start a progressive rock band myself someday.
Love Maurits
Long Distance Calling - Satellite Bay
74/1001Details Viva Hate Records
Released on Friday Sep 21st, 2007
Progressive Post-rock

Writer @Maurits on Wednesday Sep 26th, 2007

Tags: #Long Distance Calling
Tracklisting 1 Jungfernflug
2 Fire in the Mountain
3 Aurora
4 Horizon
5 The Very Last Day
6 Built Without Hands
7 Swallow the Water
Line up Florian Funtmann - Guitar
David Jordan - Guitar
Jan Joffmann - Bass
Janosch Rathmer - Drums
Reimut van Bonn - Ambience
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