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Alchemist - Tripsis
To describe a band like Alchemist is like trying to explain how something as
abstract as friendship would look. You'll probably end up having a hard time giving
an accurate description. If I really have to name a band that resembles them it's probably Eyes Of Fire's previous incarnation
Mindrot. Mostly due to vocals and the same sense of brute riffing.

Another name that pops up is Enslaved. Not that they sound like Alchemist, but both bands share the same feel for genre transcending music. Atmospheric, raw, edgy, experimental metal firmly rooted in the psychedelic lsd haze of yore.

Anyway, Tripsis is Alchemist's 6th album after a few years of silence. I really liked Austral Alien so I was actually looking forward to this. The first thing you notice is the more aggressive pacing. Alchemist sound more determined than ever. While not as brutal as older material, Tripsis forges a cohesive blend of brutality and the vocal, synth and guitar tapestries we've come to know and love from this unique act.

The "downside" to this all is that they prefer to do both at the same time, which doesn't make this an easy listening. It took me quite a few spins to actually get a hold on the new material because Alchemist like their songs long and uncatchy as well as heavily layered. There are a few hooks here and there, and many memorable riffs, but they're plunged in a coat of layered psychedelica.

So if you like your metal music original and you don't mind putting a little effort in peeling away at the onion skinned gem that is Tripsis then you should check this out. If you already own previous material of this band, than you've probably already put this on your shopping list :)
Alchemist - Tripsis
86/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 2nd, 2007
Experimental atmosheric metal

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Friday Sep 28th, 2007

Tags: #Alchemist
Tracklisting 1 Wrapped In A Guilt
2 Tongues And Knives
3 Nothing In No Time
4 Anticipation Of A High
5 Grasp At Air
6 Communichate
7 Substance For Shadow
8 God Shaped Hole
9 Degenerative Breeding
Line up Adam Agius - guitar, vocals
Roy Torkington - guitar
Rodney Holder - drums
John Bray - bass
Nick Wall - live samples
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