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Archaic - Time Has Come To Envy The Dead
Hungary�s Archaic was formed out of the ashes of Braindeath in 2004, and has just released it�s debut album through the Dutch Vic Records. According to this album it�s Time To Envy The Dead, so let's see if they�re right.
I personally disagree, because the dead don�t really get out that often anymore. But on the other hand, the dead don�t have to deal with stupid earthly situations, so I guess it�s a tie. Enough nonsense, for Archaic have created a worthy thrash metal album that doesn�t really resemble any traditional thrash band! What an achievement! I�m not immediately reminded of Bay Area or German legends when listening to Time To Envy The Dead. Thank god.
Archaic play pretty tight, write cool songs that contain some awesome riffs, and just basically sound like they could get things moving on a venue floor. Seriously, their songwriting is very much all right. The only thing that bothers me a bit are the melodic parts, they just don�t sound as convincing as the thrash parts do (it actually reminds me of the melodic parts of The Haunted, and I find those parts pretty fucking worthless). Especially the track �Memories� really bothers me with this, as well as the last track �Woodland Of The Black Treasury�. Key factor for this lower level of songwriting are the dull riffs, and the below mediocre clean vocals. Too bad.
For the rest I think any fan of thrash metal will be able to at least nod, if not bang along to the music. Archaic have proved to me that they have moulded thrash metal to their own style, and that alone is quite an accomplishment.
Archaic - Time Has Come To Envy The Dead
76/1001Details Vic Records
Released on Saturday Sep 29th, 2007
Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Sep 29th, 2007

Tags: #Archaic
Tracklisting 1. Awakening
2. True Death of Life
3. Toxic Nightmare
4. The Archer
5. Cornu
6. Eternal War
7. Memories
8. Thank You!
9. Tormentor (Tormentor cover)
10. Woodland of the Black Treasury
Line up David Takacs - bass, vocals
Laszlo Puski - guitars, vocals
Akos Olt - guitars
Csaba Zoltan Szabo - drums