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Equimanthorn - Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers Of Ninnkigal
Equimanthorn is a band that creates music around the Sumerian mythology, as in there was another planet in our galaxy from which cosmonauts came to our planet and basically created the homo sapiens by mixing their genes with those of the Neanderthals. I find these theories very interesting, but how will it work out in an ambient project?
This is already the fourth album that Equimanthorn has put together and dedicated to the Sumerian stories, so one would expect a record of some quality. Their ambient music consists of a shitload of synthesizers and spacey effects, accompanied by a person telling the stories. Of course this voice is also layered with effects. The introductions to the songs are also stories being told about this subject, with a more extreme effect over it so that it is quite hard to understand, and therefore I�m not listening to what he�s saying anymore.
The album has two sides for me. On one hand I can really relax while listening to this and doze off a little bit. But on the other hand I occasionally get this cheesy eighties horror movie synth feeling, like (yes, I can finally use his name in a different review!) Striborg also does. So I got from chilling relaxation, to mild irritation. And I�m still trying to find the middle of the road in these situations. But there is also a record that I really find to look like this one a bit, namely Karl Sanders� solo outing Saurian Meditation. This is because both records have a lot of spacey effects, and Equimanthorn also uses some of the Egyptian influences that Karl uses.
To conclude this, I think there are many more better ambient albums than this one, but I can still get in the spirit of Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers Of Ninnkigal. The story behind it doesn�t nearly interest me as it should, so that is a bit of a pity because I�m mildly fascinated with this stuff.
Equimanthorn - Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers Of Ninnkigal
70/1001Details Listenable Records
Released on Friday Sep 28th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Sep 29th, 2007

Tags: #Equimanthorn
Tracklisting 1. Refulgent Splendour Part I- Three Fathers and Their Generations
Refulgent Splendour Part II - Twelve Bounds of Their Universe
2. When Seven Came Unto the Fundament
3. When Seven Showed Their Faces: Reprise
4. Who is the Great King?
5. When Five Appeared in Mists and Gathered the First and Seventh
6. Irkalla - To Enter the Great Above and the Depths Below
7. The Submissive Myth Genesis of Mirror Waters Rising
Line up Emperor Proscriptor Magikus:
The Voices of Kali Ma, Percussives, Darabukke, Synthesizers, VC3, Mellotron, Circumvent Filters, Piano, Wintry Flute, Recorder, Bypass Filters, Libation, Glass, Chutzpa, Serpentines and Lyrical Magic(k)

Unseen Voices, Synthesizers, Effects, Crushing and Blasphemous Guitars, Acoustics, Bass Effects, Percussives and Lyrical Magic(k)

Ekimmu Abstractum:
Narrations, Alto Recorder, Wooden Flute, Samples, Entities, Chimes, Sixfold Bow and Synthesizer

Dalkhu Zilittu:
Synthesizers, Sourcing, Pitch Shifting, Effects and Lyrical Incantations

Emperor Vorskaath:
The Overseer of Every Black Spell Conjecturabal and Lyrical Enchantment

Vordhr Dzokhk:
A Fourth Conjuration, Fretless Bass, Implementations and Unhallowed Wind

Sumerian Bouzouq, Goblet Drum and Percussives