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Olethrio Rigma - Anthology
Having searched the internet for a bit, there really isn�t much info on the Greek cult- band Olethrio Rigma. So here�s what is said in the booklet of this best-of album. �What this Anthology / best of offers is a collection of 14 tracks picked by the band, re-mastered and reshaped as much as this is possible. In addition there are three brand new tunes for the fans. Finally there is a DVD that includes the band�s performance at the Rockwave Festival in 2005 (amongst other cool stuff!). This is a good chance for all of you to get to know this band. As for the fans of the band? This one�s for you!�

Throughout the album it becomes clear that these Greek metallers use quite some styles in their songs, ranging from punk/hardcore to metal and from thrashy influences to black metal. While keeping the main focus on hardcore that often is interrupted by awful, and I mean really awful female vocals. I have absolutely no clue what to think of it besides that the woman doing this must be some weird person for sure! Well, not that that is something uncommon in the metal scene but in this case I almost doubt her mental state.
Furthermore we find some story-telling intermezzos in the songs (for example in the third track) that are by no means comprehensible. Apart from that, they interrupt the songs as if it were different songs, while in fact they�re not. This causes the album to have quite a chaotic feel. Add up the poor quality of songs (while re-mastered already!) and I think I can fairly state that Anthology isn�t something for the masses. 

The overall product has some nice songs on it now and then, but to be honest Olethrio Rigma seems more of a beginning band to me than a band that exists for over 18 years now. They lack too many things to ever become a �big� band.
If this music already interests people not familiar with it, I think it takes them quite some spins to actually like - or, for that matter, understand - this music. It�s not very catchy, nor is it refreshing. Although the female vocals may be called refreshing, though in a terrible way. Nope, for now I�ll leave the Greek metal scene for what it is and I�m glad that his band has focused on their own country only.
Olethrio Rigma - Anthology
58/1001Details Burning Star Records
Released on Monday Jun 11th, 2007
Hardcore Mix

Writer @Boek on Monday Oct 1st, 2007

Tags: #Olethrio Rigma
Tracklisting 01. Μ.Γ.Δ.
02. I Don�t Want Your System
03. ΙΡΑΚ
04. ΣΗΨΗ
07. Γamhmenh ΠΑΤΡΙΔΑ
09. 13ος ΟΡΟΦΟΣ
11. Stoping My Fear
Bonus Tracks
17. ΟΡΓΗ
Line up Emi � Vocals, Guitar
Nikos � Vocals, Guitar
Renos � Bass
Chris � Vocals
Takis � Drums