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World Funeral - Scorched Earth Tactics
World Funeral, do I know this band? There are so many bands with Funeral in their name. A quick check on their website, but no� this band is new to me. Always nice to hear some new music.
In 2005 World Funeral was founded after 2 years orientating in all kinds of musical styles. So they found their style in blackened death metal. A mix of two extreme genres I personally like very much. So I was curious about their first E.P. called Scorched Earth Tactics.
It all begins with a melodramatic like guitar lick. Actually I expected an abrupt turn to some extreme blast parts, but I had to wait for that a minute longer. I like that, a little surprise, mostly death metal is very predictable. So after another minute the music got extremer. Some nice deep growls, threatening guitar riffs, some nice up tempo drumming and some blasts combined with a quite decent production make this E.P. What I like about Scorched Earth Tactics is the mix of clinical licks and grooving riffs, World Funeral found a nice balance.
To be honest, I hoped for a little more black influences, but genres in metal are always hard to describe, so everyone makes up his own idea about that. Not that I'm disappointed tough. The atmosphere is very dark, and I guess that is what World Funeral wants to say with 'blackened'.
I guess this E.P. could be the start of quite a nice career (for metalbands that is) for this band, it has got a lot of potential, but I hope they can define their music a little more, so it can outgrow the huge mass of death metal bands.
World Funeral - Scorched Earth Tactics
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Released on Saturday Sep 1st, 2007
Blackened Death Metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Oct 1st, 2007

Tags: #World Funeral
Tracklisting 1. Scorched Earth Tactics
2. Dead Cities
3. Sorrow Of Somme
4. Stalemate In The Trenches
Line up Sater Bes � Vocals
Khaos � Drums
Dstruktor M.R. � Bass/Vocals
Sinis Magnus � Guitar/Vocals
Thanatos Magnus � Guitar