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Tagada Jones - 6.6.6.
Lots of French CDs and demos hitting the Metalrage doormats lately. Tagada Jones' 6.6.6. is another one in that line. This time with a punk effort.
6.6.6. stands for '6 Remixes, 6 Inedits, 6 Remixes'. So three seperate parts here, with some covers, remixes and own material. As for the covers there's not much to say as though they sound alright, all six bands are a bit of the obscure to me (OTH? Les Sheriff?), with the exception of The Exploited. A decent listen still.
The selfwritten material is always more interesting to review, as most of us probably haven't heard of Tagada Jones. Most ear-catching fun fact has to be that it is more metal and rock driven than the covers. A fine fat groovy bassline heard on tracks such as 'L'alternative' differentiates from the earlier heard punk and hardcore sound and deliveres a nice surprise. Besides that, these six tracks have some nice riffs and breakdowns. Call it metalcore. The track 'Nation to Nation' sounds like full-on industrial, and 'Sous les Bombes' veres off from everything else with electronics and almost raplike vocals. Quite a versatile group all in all.
The remix part of the CD consists of weird breakbeat-driven dance music, being remixes of (my guess) French bands like Rotator, Alif Sound System and Formal Dehyde most of us probably haven't ever heard of in our lives. Sounds okay. Hyperactive breakbeat dancemusic has to be your cup of th� though. It ain't mine.
All in all I can't really say 6.6.6. hasn't clarified for me who Tagada Jones are or what they stand for. Partially because the CD is quite a fragmented listen with its three different concepts. Partially because the lyrics are in French, and this little editor couldn�t even order a beer in this language. Baguette, Tour Eiffel et Trottoir. That�s it, and it�s all babelfish from there on for me.
So all in all a vague yet quite enjoyable as wel as a surprising listen. I�d call that a recommendation.
Tagada Jones - 6.6.6.
75/1001Details Enrage Productions
Released on Tuesday Oct 2nd, 2007

Writer @Lex on Tuesday Oct 2nd, 2007

Tags: #Tagada Jones
Tracklisting 1. Jouer avec le feu (Les Sheriff)
2. Osmose 99 (Parabellum)
3. Quelle sacr�e revanche (OTH)
4. Vivre libre ou mourir (Berurier Noir)
5. Alternative (The Exploited)
6. Antisocial (Trust)

7. Hommage a Parabellum
8. L'alternative
9. On Route
10. A qui a faute?
11. Nation to Nation
12. Sous les Bombes

13 Pavillon noir (Rotator)
14 Le feu aux poudres (X Makeena)
15 Eipdemie (Alif Sound System)
16 Th�rapie (Formal Dehyde)
17 Yosh
18 Chandora
Line up