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Stoneman - How To Spell Heroin
How To Spell Heroin is the Swiss band�s second album. I have never had the privilege to listen to their first album, so this was my first encounter with this band. Stoneman already toured with major acts like Within Temptation and Deathstars, but how do they sound and is this cd any good?
It�s not hard to describe the music of Stoneman. They listened very well to acts like Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and the already mentioned Deathstars. It�s not strange that their music is a mixture of those bands. Especially Marilyn Manson is a band that came to mind several times when I listened to the cd. Also the Rammstein influences are there, especially in the song �Wer Ficken Will�. One of the better songs on the album by the way�
One thing that really stood out on the album is the wide range of variety in the vocal department. Mikki Chixx (sigh, what a name�.) does a nice job on the album. One time a growl, than a more bombastic voice and on another song a clean rock voice. Really great! I also liked the way they play with melodies and the variation between the songs and sometimes even the wide variation of spheres in one song. The other musicians don�t stand out on the record, but play nicely in service of the songs.
I like this album very much, although it�s not really the style of music that I normally would put on. Some really nice and well written songs and good musicianship. Definitely recommended for people who like bands as Deathstars and Marilyn Manson!
Stoneman - How To Spell Heroin
78/1001Details Twilight Zone Records
Released on Friday Sep 14th, 2007
Industrial Gothic Rock

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Oct 2nd, 2007

Tags: #Stoneman
Tracklisting 1. How To Spell Heroin
2. Save Me The Last Waltz
3. Bizarre.Glam.God
4. Dope Army
5. Dead Or Alive
6. Nightmare On Elmstreet
7. No Use For Life
8. Wer Ficken Will
9. Like A Believer
10. Preacher Holiday
11. Necromantic Dreams
12. Alone In The Dark
Line up Mikki Chixx � Vocals
Dave Snow � Bass, Keyboard and Programming
Mr. Fly � Guitars
Rico H. � Drums