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Darkest Hour - Deliver Us
Melodic metal / hardcore band Darkest Hour hails from Washington DC and has been around for over a decade. The band just released their 6th album, Deliver Us, through Victory Records. The last album, Undoing Ruin, was well received by Metalrage. Recently Metalrage saw the band live on stage where they impressed the present editors.

Deliver Us starts with a slow intro which flows over in the recognizable sound which is typical for Darkest Hour. From that point on the album just keeps on going with excellent musicianship. The guitarists in this band are true geniuses! Mixing solos, riffs and melody in a brilliant way which is the foundation of Darkest Hour�s sound.

On the previous album of the band, Undoing Ruin, we already noticed the excellent flow between songs. The songs perfectly match but each one got its own identity. Excellent song writing, smoothness and anger. From the screaming solos in �Stand And Receive Your Judgement� to the hardcore riffing in �Sanctuary�. Deliver Us has it all!

The sixth effort of the band is an eleven track masterpiece which shows you all this band has to offer at this moment. Once again Darkest Hour manages to combine sophistication with melody; and makes this sound better than ever. The vocal parts, the rawness and the riffs are a guaranteed pleasure for a big group of metal(core) lovers.
Darkest Hour - Deliver Us
90/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 10th, 2007

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Wednesday Oct 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Darkest Hour
Tracklisting 1. Doomsayer (The Beginning of the Exit)
2. Sanctuary
3. Demon(s)
4. An Ethereal Drain
5. A Paradox with Flies
6. The Light at the Edge of the World
7. Stand and Receive Your Judgement
8. Tunguska
9. Fire in the Skies
10. Full Imperial Collapse
11. Deliver Us
Line up John Henry - Vocals
Mike Schleibaum - Guitars
Paul Burnette - Bass
Ryan Parrish - Drums
Kris Norris - Guitars
Darkest Hour, Bleeding Through, Beneath The Massacre, Carnifex and others - Thrash & Burn Tour 2009
Darkest Hour, Bleeding Through, Beneath The Massacre, Carnifex and others - Thrash & Burn Tour 2009