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Malefice - Entities
From the U.K comes one of the biggest surprises I�ve encountered this year; Malefice and their debut full length Entities. Never heard of them until their promo reached our office and I discovered that they were a potential support act for the Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan tour that is unfortunately entirely cancelled by now. Let me introduce them to you.
Malefice is a straight-forward grooving metal band, with a healthy dose of metalcore and melodic guitar craftsmanship in it. After you hear one song you know you�re dealing with a band with a sound of its own, a special band. Tight and innovative breakdown riffs are the strongest factor in the music, while there is also quite some room for melody. Add some brutal metal vocals and some clean passages (also vocally) here and there, and you�ve got the whole package.
The band that I find most comparable to their sound is that of Chimaira, although this band sounds a little rougher. Maybe that was also the reason Entities was a little hard to get into at first. The first glance was like �wow, I need to dig into this shit�, but when I heard it I was a bit disappointed actually. That quickly turned as more spins followed, and now I�m playing air guitar along with the disc. Malefice is here to fucking stay if you ask me!
I hope you searched out their MySpace by now, otherwise you might be missing out on one hell of a metal band. This could go places with such a strong debut very soon.
Malefice - Entities
89/1001Details Anticulture
Released on Monday Aug 27th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Oct 4th, 2007

Tags: #Malefice
Tracklisting 1. Empirical Proof (part one)
2. Risen Through The Ashes
3. Into A New Light
4. Dreams Without Courage
5. History Repeats
6. Traitor To All You Know
7. Horizon Burns
8. Empirical Proof (part two)
9. As Skies Turn Black
10. Nothing Left
11. A World Deceased
12. Bringer Of War
Line up Dale Butler - Vocals
Ben Symons - Guitar
Alex Vuskans - Guitar
Tom Hynes - Bass
Craig Thomas - Drums