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Zone Libre - Faites Vibrer La Chair
After my colleagues at my internship returned from the Popkomm, there were a ship load of CDs in the office. Happy as an eight year old girl who just got her pony from daddy, I jumped into the pile to collect some spoils of war. One weird looking album caught my attention straight away and guess what? It sounds pretty fucking weird too!
Three unique musicians look deep within themselves and through one another, investigating sound and their own limits.� Is what the MySpace (841 friends, WOW!) says. �Smoke lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of weed, fire up your Mac and your instruments.� Is what I say. It�s just �well�noise, with some melody in it. Next thing; the melody leaves and it�s just noise again. It�s just plane weird, it is!! But the strangest thing of it is I couldn�t quite turn it off, even though these guys are French!  
Three French guys tripping it heavy and you�re tripping it heavy too, it�s all OK! Just turn it on, smoke, smoke and smoke some more. So I guess it did get the Murw album out of my system ! I must say that this is THE limit as far as weird stuff goes. You get any weirder, I�m out! It's not a fantastic band, but worth checking out at the least!
Zone Libre - Faites Vibrer La Chair
69/1001Details T-Rec
Released on Sunday Oct 7th, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Oct 7th, 2007

Tags: #Zone Libre
Tracklisting 1. La derniere chose que tu verras
2. Erection vertebrale
3. Nous sommes les seuls voyageurs
4. Il y a un autre point de vue
5. Avec ca t'auras six bastos
6. L'epidemie humaine
7. Chair de naissance et de mort
8. Odeur d'aucun chez soi
9. Avant d'en finir avec les actualites
10.Les hommes avancent avec des sceaux d'essence
11.Mort technique sur tout les territoire
12.On vous a predit que tous les espirits partiaent
Line up C. Bilbeaud
M. Sens
S Teyssot-Gay