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The Bloody Honkies - The Gospel Of
Seventies Rock is back, and it seems it will be here for a while too. Some people get really, really annoyed by that. Me, however, I am delighted that really, really good music is (re-) made. Wolfmother, The Answer, you name it, I like it. And since this is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Dutch bands can not afford to fall behind. The Bloody Honkies rock hard, and (hopefully) dropkick the country-altrock-Americana hype that strangled Holland for the last year, across the south border to Belgium and eventually France.
Waiting for the Graveyard album to drop on my doormat, I figured I�d review another seventies rock band. Although The Bloody Honkies bring me back to the seventies, they also remind of the early sixties rock bands such as (dare I say it? Yes I do!) The Rolling Stones. It�s this raw feeling this music brings with it. The kind of �bring us beer and we play you a song� type of feel.
The Bloody Honkies play bluesy for a large part of the album, but I prefer them rockin� on songs like �What I Got� and �All Your Lovin��. Good guitars, nice drums that keep the drive in there and great raw vocals! They also know how to keep the variety in there. Unlike a lot of other bands in the genre, this one does not bore at all! Just press �play� and relax to the groove of this album.
The Bloody Honkies have their album release Friday the 12th of October in Nijmegen. If you�re in the neighbourhood, get your ass at the Merleyn. If you don�t�well just check �em out some place else.
The Bloody Honkies - The Gospel Of
87/1001Details Sonic Rendezvous
Released on Friday Oct 12th, 2007
70's Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Oct 7th, 2007

Tags: #The Bloody Honkies
Tracklisting 1. Heretic
2. I don't care about your man
3. Red Habit
4. Love just ain't enough
5. What I got
6. Summertime
7. Killed by the substitute
8. Blood (Book of love)
9. Messin' round
10.Feeling of something new
11.Your skidmark on my mind!?
12.All your lovin'
13.Feel my hand
Line up Lawrence Mul - SIng and Danceman
Wout Kemkens - Guitars, background vocals and other stuff
Clemens Mul - Bass
Tom Hoekman - Drums, background vocals and other stuff