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Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Rauchen Und Yoga
This German band is an old acquaintance of Metalrage, for I have written the 3 other reviews for this band. It�s always a pleasure to check out a new JaKa album, especially when it is entitled Rauchen Und Yoga. For the people not acquainted with the derivative JaKa, it is short for Japanische Kampfhorspiele, and if you do not mind I will use the shorter form for the rest of this review� damn Germans. 
I do know JaKa have released a lot of albums, and I remember their last one being a compilation of older work. The booklet of that record was quite special and required some handywork. This record is a brand new one, and it really blasts. The older JaKa records were sucking in sound quality. I would rather listen to the endless laments of woman and children being slaughtered by a polar bear, than listen to that noise. However, luckily that all changed a couple of years ago, and this new record is sounding very professional.
The songs are short, but there are some weird escapades that seem to last forever. There is nothing to expect and nothing to time, which I really like. Another band that seem to utilize that same technique is Cephalic Carnage, but JaKa is totally different in sound. Blasting, pausing, blasting and pausing again, perhaps a little mathcore, but again not really.
I�ll stop blathering about this record, it�s just another JaKa record and people who are familiar with this band can be ensured to be entertained. I really liked it, even better than their previous albums with better sound quality.
Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Rauchen Und Yoga
90/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Friday Oct 26th, 2007

Writer @Mat-Core on Sunday Oct 7th, 2007

Tags: #Japanische Kampfhorspiele
Tracklisting 1: Der Angriff Startet
2: Der Hund Kriegt Nichts
3: Eruiert
4: Wir Haben Nicht Gewusst, Dass Es So
5: Kundenbetreuer
6: Punkerpolente
7: Hungerhilfe
8: Steig Aus
9: Das Experiment
10: Betatier
11: Komm, Wir Drehen Einen Porno
12: Leute Ohne Lust
13: 18:46:53
14: Erfolg Verdammt
15: Rauchen Und Yoga
16: Boses Blut
17: Verrat Am Metal
Line up Vocals - Markus Maria Hoff
Vocals - Martin Freund
Guitar - Robert Nowak
Guitar - Klaus Nicodem
Bass - Marco Bachmann
Drums - Christof Kather