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Throneum - Deathmass Of The Gravedancer
A while ago, I wrote a review of a split CD of Throneum and Revelations Of Doom. Which sounded quite okay, but it included a lot of covers. Now I've got the opportunity to get a real good idea about Throneum with their new album with self written material.
Does the music differ that much if you compare it with their own songs and covers on Total Regression? Well, no. They play the same kind of music, which is a mix of black, thrash and some death metal, packed in an old school production. The compositions are all quite okay, but not superb. There is quite a lot of variation in their songs, but some switchovers in songs do sound  a bit illogically.
Solos….  I like solos, but they have to be good. So if it was up to me I would have dropped the solos on this record. They don't add any value to this album.
So if you are into some old school thrashy black metal you'll like this one. Don't expect any new stuff or a super production. It is just old school, and I like it how it is. Again I have to quote from their website : "No originality, no own style, no musical progress, but only aggressive, raw and ugly metal as it should be - that's the only goal of the band!!!"
Throneum - Deathmass Of The Gravedancer
70/1001Details 7 Gates
Released on Saturday Jul 28th, 2007
Thrashy Black metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Oct 10th, 2007

Tags: #Throneum
Tracklisting 1. The Witnesses
2. No One Fears The Union
3. Rotten To The Core
4. Order Of Destruction
5. Baptism Of Fire
6. Thou Deepest One
7. Necronomicon (Imperator cover)
8. Memories
9. Outro
Line up The Greath Executor – vocals and guitars
Thermonuclear Philosopher - Drums