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See My Solution - Puzzles Like You
See My Solution hails from Zwolle, the Netherlands. It may therefore be called a bit weird that this is my first encounter with the band. Especially because they play a style of music that very much appeals to me. What the hell, I�m not too late, since Puzzles Like You is only their debut full length.
In a world where metalcore bands have been popping up like mushrooms on humid soil it�s become harder and harder for bands to really stand out from the masses. Therefore a band has to reach out to other influences as well. As has this five-piece done on this album. Although there is no doubt about the main ingredient, you also hear death/modern thrash influences and even some solid rock.
The songs are all constructed in a way they actually make sense; meaning they all have a distinctive head and tail. In between those two parts, you will find yourself nodding along to the not-very-special yet catchy riffs. Riffs that may even remind you of Trivium sometimes. The same goes for the rest of the instruments. They�re not outstanding but catchy and heavy as hell. There�s no doubt about the qualities this band possesses. Definitely a lot of potential and if they play live like they do on disc, I dare to state that this band could easily replace one such as Caliban. Without wanting to undermine the qualities of Caliban of course!
Also, vocalist Ido Stoter has one hell of a throat. Especially his screams come along in a convincing way, resembling the power of Caliban�s Andy D�rner. On the other hand, I�m having a bit of a problem with the clean vocals; they just don�t seem to fit in very well and if it was up to me those could have easily been left out without taking any of the credibility of the songs away.
So, in the end I think See My Solution has done more than a decent job on their debut album. It�s not outstanding (yet), but it has a certain vibe on it that will appeal to most metalcore fans after all. And remember, this isn�t �just� metalcore, there�s more to it. Just check �em out and support the local scene! Being the hip-hop city of the Netherlands, Zwolle has now given birth to a damn fine metal band. Aaaiiight!
See My Solution - Puzzles Like You
70/1001Details Independent
Released on Saturday Sep 8th, 2007

Writer @Boek on Thursday Oct 11th, 2007

Tags: #See My Solution
Tracklisting 1. Puzzles Like You
2. Healing
3. Masterpiece
4. Silence For All
5. The Inside Story
6. Wherever Circles Are
7. The Essence
8. Newborn Witness
Line up Lennart van Gerner � Guitars
Joachim Nieuwland � Guitars, Vocals
Ido Stoter � Vocals
Tim Kuper � Drums, Vocals
Bram de Vos � Bass