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Vuist - MiStorMelancholy
Vuist started in 2000 and was founded by Rik, Edo and Rob. Because they wanted to perform live, they�ve found Erik willing to play guitar for them. In April 2002 it was time for their demo Megakn�ppelinfern� which settled their style on Death/Thrash. After some shows Ronald was found to enforce them when playing live. In April 2003 Vuist started recording the album we�ve got for you today; their debut album MiStorMelancholy. The album starts out with 160, which is a quite slow song with nice devastating riffs and an abdomen torturing growl which is varied with a scream that makes hairs going straight up. Yeah I must say I like this shit. It�s not very original and it�s definitely not fast music, but I can stand the tempo. This is headbang music for sure. The tempo isn�t changing during the album but I must confess that didn�t mind me at all. Normally I�m a big fan of fast and brutal shit. This is not fast but it surely has its brutality. The next song Relentless is not as brutal as its brother from Strapping Young Lad but the riffs are pure fucking thrash. The next song is not much different from the rest and that�s what I have to complain about the album. The originality and tempo can begin to irritate at certain moments. Luckily the vocals are interesting enough to keep listening. I must say I prefer the deep growl above the screaming but both are nice enough. I was a little bit surprised when I played the 4th song because the tempo became a lot faster and actually the first accusation of the word Thrash was made. If you want to get in the mood for heavy metal, listen to Nomad Sundown (Seelenwanderung) which is a classical heavy metal tune in a more brutal version. After this the album remains stable without any outstanding songs, but it definitely doesn�t get boring too. Nice bass drums, heavy metal riffs put into a thrashy outfit and a voice that doesn�t fail. The album is definitely not original. The tempo lies between slow and medium and never reaches a tempo record. Those 2 points are the only critical points about the album. I must say that I don�t mind the tempo, but I think not everyone will agree to that. The positive points are the nice vocals which sound well produced and honest. The riffs are catching and the drums are quite nice too. In technical aspect, this album is quite high and it listens quite easy. I think I must see this band live before I can make a true judgement, but hey, this album is certainly not bad! Vuist mailed us back with a link for downloading some of their music: [URL][/URL] Track Listing: 1: 160 2: Relentless 3: The Calling (�To Strength And Grandeur) 4: Modern Age Icarus 5: Nomad Sundown (Seelenwanderung) 6: Monuments B.C. (The Essence Captured In Stone) 7: The Ultimate Melancholy 8: In Solitude, In Silence 9: Images Line Up: Vocals � Rob Guitar � Rik Guitar � Erik Drums - Edo
Vuist - MiStorMelancholy
75/1001Details Own Production
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Vuist
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