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Freund Hein - Chaos Immanent
What I�m about to review is truly one of the weirdest CDs I�ve ever come across. Austria�s Freund Hein has set itself free from every clich�, every expectation and every journalist who�s trying to pigeonhole bands. Let me give you the description of themselves on their MySpace (which is quite correct by the way!): �Avant-garde, atypical, progressive, unorthodox, chaotic, dissonant, arrhythmic, asymmetric, a-symphonic, dysphonic, contrary, subversive, apocalyptic, experimental, discordant, psychedelic, confused, neurotic, bizarre, controversial, psychotic, bombastic, explosive, symphonic, brutal, radical, orgiastic, unconventional, catching, breaking, overwhelming, driving, misanthropic, opposite, harsh, atonal, disrhythmic, disharmonic, variable, polyphonic, classic, whimsical, Groove, Death, Thrash, Doom, Black, Viking, Dark, Heavy, Power, Speed, Noise, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Crust, Grind, Rock, Metal, Core.� There! Got it?
Oh my god man! I just don�t know where to start. The biography that came along with the album already sets the tone with its interesting cartoon-esque approach. In the end all the info on the info sheet are two �abc�s�. One for the ignorant people towards Freund Hein�s music, the other for people that dig their music. I�d love to give you both but that would take a bit long to describe all. Sorry! I can send it to you on request afterwards (please pretend like you didn�t read that alright? Saves me work!) As for the artwork: it�s extremely filled with the same cartoon-style mentioned earlier. And I must say I love it!
Well, something about the music then, for those who didn�t comprehend the intro of this review yet. Freund Hein plays pretty much every style you can imagine and blends it into one big mix. And I know that might sound like it�s become an extremely messy, chaotic mix but it�s not! No, it�s not! How fantastic is that? To be honest their musical mixture is even quite accessible. Don�t ask me how that�s possible �cause � probably just like you � I thought it would be impossible too! Though it would definitely help if you were already into some progressive bands.
Freund Hein left me stunned after hearing their album once and they will probably do so too after I heard it a hundred times more. Crazy yet great music. Heavy and simplistic yet fragile and complex. It�s just all there! Forget about the times before I told you that it was music for the open-minded people. Freund Hein is! Two big fat thumbs up for these lads!    
�Choose your dispositions on account of your reactions regarding our new CD Chaos Immanent. If you�re supporting Freund Hein you�re belonging to the patroness-type, if not to the ignoring one. The members of Freund Hein itself confess that they themselves are rather persons of the ignoring type but that shouldn�t be an invitation for you to rate Freund Hein�s music badly but merely a call to support Freund Hein so that you aren�t that type of persons that the members of Freund Hein themselves are because they�re fucking incontinent idiots.�
Freund Hein - Chaos Immanent
80/1001Details Independent
Released on Saturday Sep 8th, 2007
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Writer @Boek on Sunday Oct 14th, 2007

Tags: #Freund Hein
Tracklisting 1. White Dictator
2. Truth And Other Lies
3. Trilogy
4. Sorry I Forgot To Play Today
5. Junk?
6. In den letzten Z�gen liegt die Menschheit
7. Der Tod l�sst sich nicht berechnen
8. Anthropomorphen Gestirns Vergang
Line up Hein � Vocals
Glaso � Guitar
Hacke � Bass
Hombre � Piano, Rhodes
PP � Drums