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Roadkill - Dark Side
Five years ago. My friend and I were sitting at our local �herewesitwhenweareverybored�-bench just watching cars passing by, when suddenly a pimped up hearse passes by. We start laughing at it and the guys sitting inside notice us. They open the blackened windows and give us the metal sign. Enthusiastic we, little kids, start running at the car and start chatting, the guys inside give us a postcard. It had a picture on it of a band, five tough guys and beneath it, reads: Roadkill

Our day was fantastic: we met a real band that was touring through
Belgium and the Netherlands, and they gave us both a postcard! Now, so much later I receive a new pack of records to review. One of the records comes with a postcard: It has a picture on it of a band, five tough guys and beneath it, reads: Roadkill.
These 5 songs containing record kicks of with �God of War�, a song which represents the complete record perfectly: entertainingly various and very heavy! Already at the first seconds I hear Marc Mac Blade sing (he is new in the line-up), I know I�m going to like this! He uses a great balance between heaviness and melody within his singing and almost immediately I find myself singing along! The guitars perfectly blend in with each other, again giving the music a great balance between heaviness and melody. Also the drums don�t disappoint - the recording and mixing in the Excess Studios, Rotterdam clearly show their result! This goes up for the entire record actually! 

Another thing I like about the production is the way it made me feel like I�m listening to an 80�s metal album, which is just what this heavy music needs! It doesn�t contain the aggression and the power that you can hear behind some old legends, though. 

Variation seems to be an important factor to the Roadkill guys as they also held notice to this within the song-order. �Lost� is the third song on the record and brings us a stunningly awesome duet between Blade and additional vocalist Christine Roetert! A slow acoustic ballad with great vocal lines! Of course it�s too bad that there are only five songs on this record, of which only two are new (�God of War�, �Dark Side�) but they do show us that this band has originality and motivation.
This is a great effort of Roadkill and definitely has the capacities to bring them a step further. If they can keep up this good work and bring us a full album with songs like these, I�m sure they will be heard! In the mean time, pick this one up so you know how to sing along when you see them live! Another great up-coming Dutch band!
Roadkill - Dark Side
82/1001Details Metal Revelation
Released on Monday Aug 27th, 2007
Heavy Metal

Writer @Peekay on Monday Oct 15th, 2007

Tags: #Roadkill
Tracklisting 1. God Of War
2. Dark Side
3. Lost
4. King Of Swords
5. The Dream
Line up Gary Verwey - drums
Bardo Verwey - bass
Marc Mac Blade - vocals
Ricky Bohemian - guitars
Jack Dekker - guitars