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Meleeh - Heartland

According to the record label, Meleeh has been put on the throne of the Scandinavian hardcore scene after their debut Another Low A New Hollow. This Swedish band has played several shows in Sweden and has done three European tours, yet I had never heard of these guys before. This fact can either be a pity or not. After listening to Heartland I can already conclude that it is a pity.

The opener �Angstridden' starts with a nice instrumental intro and it is almost a shame this isn�t an instrumental album, because the first time I listened to it I wasn�t really into the vocals of Thomas Flor�n. But I got to appreciate his voice more and more after a while. The songs aren�t new (in a progressive way), but they just sound very well. This is music for a good night of listening to some bands, moshing around and drinking beer.

Besides seven songs, which all have the same spirit, power and energy, there is also one instrumental song on this CD. The song �Love Is Dead� isn�t bad at all, but the other songs would make better instrumentals when the vocals would be removed.

I like the attitude of these Swedish guys and I�m hoping that I can see this band on stage soon. Until the moment I see them live, I've only got this album and the following quote of the band, which I really like:

"On stage, we catch a glimp of freedom. A moment of true sincerity. As we like to say, resistance is born of desertion. And this is our vengeance. This is our transmission from hate to love, despair to rage and stagnation to creativity. Let's break our shackles. Let's not be content."

Whether you buy this album or not is entirely up to you. But I've already made my decision.
Meleeh - Heartland
78/1001Details I For Us Records
Released on Friday Sep 21st, 2007

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Oct 16th, 2007

Tags: #Meleeh
Tracklisting 1. Angstridden
2. Malign
3. Where Demons Hunt
4. The Doom
5. Vittra
6. Love Is Dead (instrumental)
7. Calathea
8. Black Blizzard
Line up Thomas Flor�n - Vocals
Fredrik Gillhagen - Drums
Bj�rn Olszewski - Guitar
Thomas �sterberg - Guitar
David Zackrisson - Bass