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Crash My Deville - Please Glamour, Don't Hurt 'em
What I find rather attracting is the fact that one of the vocalists of this band had to be taken to the hospital during one of the recording sessions for their new album, Please Glamour, Don�t Hurt �em. It shows that this band has the potential of being very intense. Let�s hope they�ll be as intense on the final product as they were in the studio recording it. Here�s German screamo outfit Crash My Deville.
To be honest I�ve got some mixed feelings towards this album. On one hand the music itself seems as intense as I hoped for. Breakdowns and nice riffin� are definitely present! On the other hand, I�m not a great fan of the vocals. It�s not that they�re misplaced or powerless but for some reason I just can�t get the feeling I�m listening to a great band. It�s not much more than average and of course that�s a pity because, like I said, the music rocks! I think it�s mainly the clean vocals that you�re either a big fan of or you completely dislike them. It�s the latter for me.
It�s a nice thing to know that this band brings in enough variation within their songs. They �rest� when needed to spring into action the next moment. It really seems like these guys have put a lot of thought in the writing and composing of the album. But then again, I just cannot escape the feeling I�ve heard all of the songs already halfway through the album. The songs in particular are just not that different from each other when you hear twelve in a row. I mean, there�s not one song that catches you immediately. And to repeat it one more time: that does not mean the songs suck, I just think some more variation would have done the trick.
Screamo/metalcore fans should give this one a try for sure, though. The songs are all well balanced and the dual vocal attack sure won�t let you fall asleep while listening. Add up to that the great production of this album and you have something quite worthy of being heard. I personally expected a bit more, but Crash My Deville sure is something to keep an eye on.  
Crash My Deville - Please Glamour, Don't Hurt 'em
71/1001Details Redfield Records / Cargo Records
Released on Friday Oct 26th, 2007

Writer @Boek on Thursday Oct 18th, 2007

Tags: #Crash My Deville
Tracklisting 01. Here Comes The Glamour
02. Don�t Piss Down Our Backs And Tell Us It�s Raining
03. You Sell A Bit Of Composure
04. Ride This Horse To War (With No Shoes On)
05. Sorry, No Personal Convenience Within The Next 4.55 Min.
06. The Glamour Pt.I (The Awakening)
07. The Glamour Pt.II (The Departure)
08. The Glamour Pt.III (The Destination)
09. From Sinking Risks And Fast Disgrace
10. Handcuff-Rodeo
11. Killing On Our Own Demands
12. How To Write Hope In Times Of Upheaval
Line up Markus Banzhaf � Guitar
Christoph Hoffmann � Guitar
Andreas Valentin � Drums
Jan Kallenborn � Bass
Daniel Kleinbauer � Vocals
Christian Diehl � Vocals