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Eyes Of Eden - Faith
Eyes Of Eden is a band that already faced a lot of adversity in their short existence. After Waldemar Sorychta (a.o. producer of Lacuna Coil and responsible for the sound of albums of Moonspell and Tiamat) formed the band with the help of Gas Lipstick (HIM) on drums two years ago, the band faced a huge problem. Their singer Sandra Schleret was confronted with serious health issues and finally they decided to replace her with Franziska Huth. So with a huge delay, we can finally hear if it was worth the waiting�
Eyes of Eden easily fits in the nowadays very popular gothic metal mold. A genre in which originality and innovation is hard to find. This in combination with the already overcrowded genre makes it very hard to stand out of the rest. And to be honest Eyes of Eden just isn�t good enough to compete with the top or even the subtop in the gothic metal scene.
I can�t say what they�re really lacking. It�s more a combination of various elements. The voice of Franziska just doesn�t do it for me. Sometimes I feel like she is gasping for air in the higher regions. Also in the more lower regions she doesn�t possess the power to take the music to a higher level. The production doesn�t help either. It feels a bit lackluster and also lacks the power this music needs.
The band has some nice ideas, but they never convert those ideas in good songs. I have read some very positive reviews of this album, but I really cannot share it. The music is not bad, but considering the various gothic metal releases on a monthly basis this just doesn�t cut it. I�m also very surprised that a quality label like Century Media can�t find a better band in this genre.  
Eyes Of Eden - Faith
65/1001Details Century Media
Released on Monday Aug 20th, 2007
Gothic Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Monday Oct 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Eyes Of Eden
Tracklisting 1. Winter Night
2. When Gods Fall
3. Star
4. Pictures
5. Dancing Fire
6. Sleeping Minds
7. Daylight
8. Man In The Flame
9. From Heaven Sent
10. Not Human Kind
Line up Franziska Huth � Vocals
Waldemar Sorychta � Guitar
Alla Fedynitch � Bass
Gas Lipstick � Drums