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Scale The Summit - Monument
Scale The Summit is a young and talented band, founded in 2004 by guitar players Chris Letchford and Travis LeVrier. Patrick Skeffington joined the band in March of 2005 with his thunderous drumming and bass player Jordan Eberhardt completed the line-up in August of 2005. The four-piece band has set its mark to enrapture worldwide audiences with their first album release Momentum.
This album is really great and especially if you know that this is their debut. All eight songs are very diverse and original. From opener �Shaping The Clouds� to �Holding Thunder�; their music is heavy, melodic, accessible and very technical all in one. The 40 minutes listening to this one pass by before you know it. This is some ambitious music from some skilled youngsters from Houston, Texas. Momentum is completely without vocals and it proves that you don�t need vocals to write a killer album.

The drumming is very technical and great, the bass is complex and the guitar solo�s are intelligent. The next release could maybe be a little bit more diverse in tempo and aggression to make it really amazing, but for now I�m satisfied enough. I can go on and on about this album but I won�t do it. If you like progressive metal you definitely should check out these guys. If you like instrumental music, this is how instrumental music should sound and if you love music: just buy this record!
Scale The Summit - Monument
90/1001Details Self Released
Released on Tuesday Jul 10th, 2007
Progressive / Instrumental

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Oct 24th, 2007

Tags: #Scale The Summit
Tracklisting 1. Shaping The Clouds
2. Wolves
3. Crossing The Ocean
4. Omni
5. Rode In On Horseback
6. Roof Of The World
7. Penguins In Flight
8. Holding Thunder
Line up Chris Letchford - Guitar
Travis LeVrier - Guitar
Jordan Eberhardt - Bass
Patrick Skeffington - Drums